An entire life devoted to carpet

Domoral is a 4th generation family owned business, operating initially as a textiles production unit and eventually as an import-export carpet company.
With a family history of nearly 100 years, we have earned an enviable reputation owed to the genuine and ongoing family devotion and love to the rug craftsmanship which has been enhanced by the experience and knowledge of so many years.
Quality is the company’s watchword, we concentrate on ensuring that the quality of every carpet is of the highest order.
Importers of hand knotted rugs from Iran, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and all rug producing centers, we take great pride in our range of products and service and offer a complete range of carpet collections and the highest of services to our clients.
We specialize in wool, woolrich and silk blends in handmade carpets but we also offer a full complement of synthetic pile machine made ranges. As demand has increased we have expanded our ranges in textiles products and floor mats offering endless combinations of color, design and texture.
With two showrooms and warehouses in Thessaloniki and Athens and a sales network that covers the whole of Greece and other European countries, we have been established as one of the leading carpet distribution companies.